If you're new to a part of Go, take a look at the tutorials linked below.

If you haven't installed Go yet, see Download and install.

Tutorial Description
Getting started Say Hello, World with Go.
Create a module A multi-part tutorial that introduces common programming language features from the Go perspective.
Getting started with multi-module workspaces Introduces the basics of creating and using multi-module workspaces in Go. Multi-module workspaces are useful for making changes across multiple modules.
Accessing a relational database Introduces the basics of accessing a database using the standard library.
Developing a RESTful API with Go and Gin Introduces the basics of writing a RESTful web service API with Go and the Gin Web Framework.
Getting started with generics Introduces the basics of generics in Go. With generics, you can declare and use functions or types that are written to work with any of a set of types provided by calling code.
Getting started with fuzzing Introduces the basics of fuzzing in Go. Fuzzing can generate inputs to your tests that can catch edge cases and security issues that you may have missed.
Getting started with govulncheck Introduces how to find and fix vulnerabilities with govulncheck. Govulncheck reports known vulnerabilities that affect Go code.
Find and fix vulnerable dependencies with VS Code Go Introduces how to find and fix vulnerable dependencies directly from your IDE with VS Code Go and Vim.
A Tour of Go An interactive introduction to Go: basic syntax and data structures; methods and interfaces; and Go's concurrency primitives.